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"Help, I’ve fallen glamorously and I can’t get up ;]"

All of the other mannequins look like they’re so sick of his shit.

"God damn it, Jerry’s at it again.

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by John Florea, 1951

Marilyn Monroe photographed by John Florea, 1951

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Yep, I’ve always been a stud. BoJack Horseman, only on NetflixUK.

Into the Wild (2007)

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"I just want everyone to love me, but I don’t know how to make them do it." Let BoJack Horseman into your heart.  Only on NetflixUK


Clear your mind here

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Did it ever occur to you that we don’t want to get in touch with our feelings? That feeling our feelings might make it impossible to survive in here?

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